The Results are in the Experience

You want to enhance your quality of life

We'll show you how to get there

Understanding The
Power of Your Mind

Worrying can be mistaken as concentrating. Over use of internal chatter can get in the way of performing at optimal levels. However, the ability to maintain a relaxed/ready state of passionate effort is a fundamental key to success.

One of The Most
Important Skills

Of maintaining your attention is the ability to maintain focus by controlling your internal environment, organizing your mental and physical effort, and managing the time necessary for effective achievement.

Concentration & Focus:
Tunnel, Control and Balance

Control is maintaining the viewing of your focus and concentration, whereas balance is the ability to maintain equilibrium of the picture to be viewed. That means that this can be a powerful way to understand concentration so other influences will not drain your attention and energy.


We'll show you how to reframe your approach,
both inside and outside the gym.

  • Statement of Problem

    You will have a clear understanding of why it is estimated that only 50% of all people who initiate an exercise program will not continue the habit for more than 6 months

  • Purpose of this Workshop

    You have what it takes to bring about awareness in attitude, emotions, and intentions.

  • Actions of Commitment

    Learn the importance of a feedback processes—negative or positive—that produces ongoing series of behaviors.

  • Organizaion of Intention

    Learn how the dynamics of the human condition, life’s environmental factors, and the foundation of a routine can have a positive or negative effect on starting and maintaining a workout routine.

  • Change Process

    You will understand the relationship between the lack or discontinuation of effort and what influences starting or sustaining actions.

  • Workout Consciousness

    You will learn an active process that mixes mental, physical and emotional states into a comprehensive and integrated methodology for facing daily challenges that interfere with actions of commitment.

Master the components of motivation

This workshop is a participatory course in the power of mind. Participation is highly encouraged in the form of discussion and role play. Objectives and activities are included each week. At the end of this workshop you will be able to decide whether the sixteen week course is for you. When you take this step you will learn as initiated by DEMOR Developing Workout Consciousness, “The Results are in The Experience”.