I just finished an hour working my legs, I’m in a rush so I leave the gym without stretching. Now, I been advised by trainers and I know it’s important to stretch but I do not have the time. Have you experience this, I’m sure you have. This is why DEMOR HotSpots was developed. may develop as your muscles contract and relax during exercise or even just daily movements.  Literally each time you move a muscle, there is a complex system of electrical signals and chemical reactions taking place throughout your body. A muscle will contract when the brain sends an electrical signal called a neurotransmitter through a nerve and into your muscle.  This signal triggers a chemical reaction involving calcium, myosin, and actin which interact and cause the muscle to generate force, which shortens the muscle creating movement. To continue to power these signals and reactions your body must use and continually be creating an energy source.  The molecular energy source used in the cells of all living things is called adenosine triphosphate or, ATP.  ATP is a high- energy molecule which transports chemical energy within cells.  The molecule is composed of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and three types of phosphorus atoms.  The phosphates are linked together by chemical bonds which contain ATP’s energy.  When a muscle “burns” or “breaks down” the bonds in ATP, the energy is released either as heat or as a power source inside the cell. Breaking these bonds create the chemical reaction which in turn, causes the muscle to contract.

To create ATP the body needs to have oxygen readily available, and it needs to be able to dispose of metabolic wastes (carbon dioxide or lactic acid) and heat. This is why doing a “cool down”, static stretching and even incorporating a massage is so important at sometime after a workout.  That is how the body is able to flush out the metabolic waste left behind after a tough workout.  If the body is not able to flush out the lactic acid and heat, it will stay in the muscle tissue, and may cause the fibers, fascia and tissues to become stuck, or matted together.  In other words, your muscle has developed a “DEMOR Hotspot”.  The longer your muscle fibers stay matted together, the more scar tissue will develop in the area, resulting in more immobility and pain.

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