American Population is Aging , Demor Hotspot Treatment

American population is aging; by 2050, the population of adults 65 and older will be 89 million, more than double the number counted during the 2010 census, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2013). We know that as one ages there are a host of physical problems that must be addressed, many will experience and […]

The Effects of Under-nutrition and Malnutrition on Behavior

Malnutrition Over or Under is in the Details Before we can begin to discuss questions of malnutrition under or over, it is important that we understand what nutrition is? Nutrition is the study of the interactions of nutrients and other substances in food which the body uses for preservation, development, reproduction, health and reducing the […]

Assess the Effects of Dietary Supplements on Mental Performance

Everyone realizes the importance of fitness in developing mental, physical and emotional well-being which includes a clear and concise mindset of intention, a balance of activity and nutritional intake as well as an awareness of feeling driving actions for performance. Given individuals’ complexities and the many ways that they interpret experiences, it is very important […]

Viewing Healthy Eating in a New Way

There is a difference between foods that are good for you and foods that taste good to you. When you are challenged by your rational mind and emotional desire to make judgments to satisfy what is right for your body, or what satisfies your taste bud, it can be troublesome and frustrating. Many of us […]

Good Nutrition and its Impact on Healthy Behaviors

Are We Ready To Make Changes? We all are influenced by the challenges of life? Sometimes we find it difficult to maintain our way of life because of having moments of failing confidence or concerned about our own personal health. One of the most challenging and tough thing we face in our quest for a […]

Why Is It Important To Stretch

I just finished an hour working my legs, I’m in a rush so I leave the gym without stretching. Now, I been advised by trainers and I know it’s important to stretch but I do not have the time. Have you experience this, I’m sure you have. This is why DEMOR HotSpots was developed. may […]

Exercising A Healthful Mind-Set

A certified personal trainer William Kennamore has helped thousands understand the mental approach behind a fit and healthy way of living.  His philosophy is based on the belief that how our minds think about what our bodies are feeling determined our mind-sets. He will share his ideas each month here in his new column, “Living […]