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The Psychophysical Anatomy of Pain Release

This course is presented as the foundation for learning the DEMOR System, an evolved perspective on mind/body interactions.

The objective of the course is an exploration into the following:

  1. Sensations that are experienced during physical output
  1. How one can use the experiences of discomfort to inform treatment
  2. The influences on mind/body relationships
  3. How muscle types and their chemical reaction affect movement
  4. The importance of exploring the Psychophysical Anatomy of DHST Mind/Body Science

In addition to the in-depth training that you will receive, a copy of Your Personal Trainer is included to help you experience the training side of the DEMOR System.

These two things combined prepare you for the 3000 hands-on training hours required to become a DEMOR treatment specialist.

Once purchased, you will be able to review all content within this program or download the PDFs to your preferred devices for learning on-the-go. We highly recommend keeping a dedicated notebook or using your smart device to annotate sections of the book to help you prepare for the quiz, as well as your personal knowledge.

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