DEMOR HotSpot Therapy®

DEMOR HotSpot Therapy®

DEMOR HotSpot Treatment focuses on ten zones of the body that can be negatively influenced by poor posture, repetitive motions, or imbalanced movements. These mechanically stressful actions are recognized as an injury by the body, initiating a Chemical Bond within the neuro-muscular systems’ movement and repair process.

When a tissue “burns” or “breaks down”, the bonds in ATP releases energy either as heat or as a power source inside the cell. Breading these bonds creates a chemical reaction, which in turn causes the tissue to contract. The body begins its flushing out of the metabolic waste that builds up during movement. If the body is not able to flush out the chemical bond that holds the heat, it will stay chemically bonded and cause fibers and fascia to become stuck or matted together. The longer the muscle fibers remain matted together, the more scar tissue develops, resulting in constriction, restrictions, and immobility


Three psychophysical categories produce constriction and restrictions within the tissue:

  • Biomechanical Movement: powers used by muscular activity and pressure on the skeletal structure.
  • Biochemical: the study of the chemical substances and processes that occur in plants, animals, and microorganisms and of the changes they undergo during development and life. There are four major classes: Carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids.
  • Psychosocial: is the result of a cognitive appraisal of what is at stake and what can be done about it. Psychosocial stress results when we look at a perceived threat in our lives. Psychological stress can be defined as an imbalance between demands placed on us and our ability to manage them.  It is the interrelation of social factors and individual thought/behavior factors.

The application of strategies that address these categories often results in improvement but can plateau before full recovery. Our trained bodywork treatment therapist considers multiple prolonged factors that are associated with the client’s discomfort and pain. DEMOR HotSpot Treatment (DHST) techniques have a synergistic effect – often with significant relief, as all three categories are addressed in a multidisciplinary approach:

  • ischemia: tight tissue with reduced blood flow.
  • DEMOR HotSpots (DHS): hypersensitive points, line, and area within the ten zones that constrict and restrict tissue causing heat and electrical impulse causing injurious discomfort and pain.​
  • neural entrapment – nerve compression and pressure on nerves by muscles and other soft tissues and cartilage.

DEMOR HotSpot Therapy® is highly effective for clients who presently live with chronic pain, joint abnormalities or malfunctions, postural imbalance, pain from habitual repetitive movements, and irritation of a nerve or of parts of the nervous system (neuroexcitation), reducing or eliminating even longstanding painful conditions.

​DEMOR HotSpot Therapy® bodywork treatment is applied for acute and chronic injurious discomfort and pain as well as prevention and recovery efforts to improve performance.

DEMOR HotSpot Therapy® is the Top Newport Beach Specialist that can perform myofascial release in Orange County Ca.