Treatment Level 2

Treatment Protocol Level 2

Treatment level 2 protocol (TL2) is a 6 hour process of treatment and homework to address the ten zones. The first 4 hours are broken into 2 sets scheduled within 72-120 hours depending on combination of zones and their interactions that determines the time between the first two sets. TL2 is designed for clients that want to take more of an active role in treatment which places emphasis on homework. This will vary per individual.

1st session

      Set 1

 120 minutes

2nd session

      Set 2

 120 minutes

3rd session

      Single 1

 60 minutes

4th session

      Single 2

 60 minutes

The 2nd Session will be scheduled 2-4 days following the 1st treatment

The 5th hour will be scheduled 2-4 days following the 2nd treatment

The 6th hour will be scheduled 3-5 days following the 3rd treatment