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The active profile's objective is to examine how to present behaviors that interfere with your workout effort. Answer the following questions below:

The energy profile allows assessing of self-examination for realistic expectations to stimulate mental determination.

Check the response for each question that reflects how you think, feel, and act.

There is a difference between the right foods for you and those foods that taste good to you. When you are challenged by your rational mind and your emotional desire to make judgments to satisfy what is right for your body or meets your taste buds, it can be troublesome and frustrating. However, many of us try to balance each day. However, some move from a sense of challenge to an all-out struggle.

Your nutritional intake is an essential ingredient to you and your success with A Psychophysical Way of Living. Please take the time and think about each and then answer them to the best of your ability

Please take your time and fill out each question. This survey is designed to help you explore how you establish a pattern of behaviors related to fitness and how your focus, concentration, and commitment can positively or negatively affect your actions. The objective is to provide you with information that will support you in becoming aware of what is interfering with your effort. Check the response for each question that reflects how you think, feel, or act.